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Priority 5: Trade union renewal


The workshop will focus on the following priorities:

  • To contribute to the EFFAT work programme in view of the next EFFAT Congress due to take place in Zagreb in November 2019;
  • To improve the image and attractiveness of trade unions for young workers operating in the various EFFAT sectors, including platform economies;
  • To exchange good practices in organising young workers in the EFFAT sectors;
  • To raise awareness among young workers and young trade unionists operating in the EFFAT sectors about the importance of cross-border solidarity and the role of European trade unions;
  • To familiarise participants with the functioning of the European Union and its impact on employment policies;
  • To improve the leadership and communication skills of EFFAT Youth Committee members;
  • To foster the role of young people in trade union structures;
  • To increase participation of young trade unionists from Central and Eastern Europe.
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