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Trade union and leadership renewal


The precariat is growing throughout the world, and can now be found in every country and in every professional group. TUs have to come up with new approaches enabling effective representation of precarious workers, helping to restore their workers’, social and human rights.

The training will focus on describing the situation regarding precarious workers in respective countries and on relevant EU policies, and will examine the best ways to reach and approach precarious workers, based on an exchange of experience and ideas. 


Pathway: E3

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  • To recognise the actual situation and the size of self-employed work and atypical contracts in different countries
  • To analyse ways to better represent atypical workers and especially self-employed, agency workers and platform workers;
  • To exchange experiences on organising atypical workers
  • Design and propose appropriate trade union actions to organize self-employed workers and workers with atypical contracts, at different levels (local, national and international)
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Eva Berger