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Working conditions and quality of employment


Defending and promoting public services in Europe is a key issue for EPSU. We are focusing our training on how to make affiliated organisations more active (Training for action). The intertwining of European and national (local) actions ensures our messages are passed on and therefore more effective.

For this proposed seminar will focus on training for action on gender equality (with a focus on closing the gender pay gap, progressing the ETUC equality action plan and EPSU’s gender equality work).

The focus of the workshop will be on looking at the work done by the EPSU Women and Gender Equality Committee, the challenges faced in implementing its work programme and the focus for the future work of EPSU on gender equality. This will assist in defining future aspects of the EPSU equality programme. The most important aspect will be to develop a relevant action plan to implement our work.


Pathway: F3

picto language face2face


  • to develop and coordinate EPSU’s response and actions regarding the EPSR
  • to recognise information of use in addressing and promoting gender equality
  • to identify the challenges of working together in a European trade union organisation and what can be done to develop cooperation
  • to support and link together the areas of the EPSR dealing with public services, gender equality and equal opportunities for all




picto statutEducation officer
Administrative assistant

Nathalie De Vits