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Working conditions and quality of employment


The most developed societies are those where social dialogue, collective bargaining and the social partners are most effective. In other words, social dialogue is an added value for progress. In some countries experiencing quite long transition periods, the difficulties are evident.

Bringing all stakeholders together – Trade unions, employer associations and governments – is a need; learning from each other is a plus; sharing experiences with other countries and organisations is an advantage.

This training activity focuses on these aspects.


Pathway F2 F3

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  • To analyse the reality and recent evolution of social dialogue and collective bargaining in various countries in recent years;
  • To compare this reality with the EU framework and ETUC policies;
  • To identify how to strengthen social partner organisations in the public and private sectors and in multinationals;
  • To identify and improve the resources targeting social partners and the prospects for supporting them;
  • To share and discuss experiences of social partner participation in various countries.




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Administrative assistant

Nathalie De Vits