The European Trade Union Institute is the independent research and training centre of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) which itself affiliates European trade unions into a single European umbrella organisation. The ETUI places its expertise – acquired in particular in the context of its links with universities, academic and expert networks – in the service of workers’ interests at European level and of the strengthening of the social dimension of the European Union.

As an international non-profit-making association, the ETUI has been set up to conduct research and provide scientific, educational and technical support to the ETUC and its affiliates. To carry out this overall mission, the ETUI supports, reinforces and stimulates the European trade union movement, in order to contribute to the development of Social Europe.

The Institute is composed of two departments:

  • A research department with three units:
    • Europeanisation of industrial relations;
    • Economic, employment and social policies;
    • Working conditions, health and safety.
  • An education department

The ETUI conducts studies on socio-economic topics and industrial relations and monitors European policy developments of strategic importance for the world of labour. It creates, what is more, bridges between the academic sphere, the world of research and the trade union movement in order to encourage independent research on topics of decisive relevance to the world of labour.

The ETUI encourages training, education and learning activities. It provides the ETUC and its affiliates with programmes and exchanges that strengthen the European trade union identity.

The ETUI provides technical assistance in the field of health and safety with a view to achieving a high level of occupational health and safety protection for workers throughout Europe.

A Foresight unit is in charge of studying long-term challenges for the European trade union movement and its implications for the operation of the Institute.


The ETUI’s vision encompasses its further establishment as a centre for European knowledge and competence on matters pertaining to the world of labour, with the requisite expertise to support, in particular, workers’ organisations. In pursuit of this vision, the ETUI will be conducting research, develop expertise and provide scientific and technical support for European trade unions in a spirit of concern for excellence and adherence to the fundamental values of the European labour movement. Our vision also encompasses the development of those professional skills and competences required to provide an accurate analysis of current and longer term economic and social developments, the assessment of working conditions and public policies, the issuing of technical and political recommendations, and the promotion of educational activities and training programmes designed to strengthen a European trade union identity.

In the context of this overall endeavour, the ETUI provides the research, expertise, training and support that are needed to help decision-makers bring into being a Social Europe and to foster cooperative modes of policy development, thereby promoting upwards social convergence, international solidarity, justice, prosperity and welfare. ETUI engages in intensive dialogue and cooperation with trade union representatives, as well as with academics and other research institutions. It considers these activities as strategically important for the purpose of retaining its role of a central European networking hub in the domain of labour and socio-economic studies.  

Identification number in the EU Transparency register: 521878025223-22

The ETUI is a non-profit international association under Belgian law (tax number: BE0418.812.841), employing a staff of some 70 persons from all over Europe. It receives financial support from the European Union.

The ETUI respects your privacy. We have updated our data protection policies (see following the GDPR principles and legal requirements. If you wish to know more please contact