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Until recently, social welfare systems in Europe were disconnected from ecological concerns and policies. Objectives, instruments and actors in each of these two fields were largely different and disconnected. Today, we are experiencing a historic moment of synthesis: environmental policies are becoming social policies, and vice versa. This raises several questions such as  Do the principles of ‘climate justice’, ‘just transition’ and ‘social justice’ provide a consistent doctrine? Do they lead to integrated or complementary policies? Should these policies be radically rethought in the light of literature about the limits to growth?.” Policy objectives and instruments largely depend on the interests of actors, and the alliances and conflicts between them. This concerns every level of environmental and social issues, from the global (climate and world poverty) and European levels, to the national (social welfare systems and the principle of subsidiarity) and local (pollution, local public services, etc.) ones.

The suggested stream aims to attract research papers addressing questions like those mentioned above. It is open to conceptual, theoretical, methodological, as well as empirical papers.

Are you interested in submitting a research paper for this stream? Application deadline is April 15, 2020.

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