Denis Bouget


PhD in economics on “Pauvreté et aide sociale départementale en France “ [poverty and local assistance in France], 1981, University of Rennes, France. Assistant professor and professor at the university of Nantes (France) since 1981, until 2010. Teaching: mainly microeconomics (public economics etc.), and statistical methods (descriptive, probability, econometrics, data analysis) Research: on the care for frail elderly (80s), on social exclusion (90s), and international comparison of social protection systems. Member of the Observatory on the national policies to combat social exclusion, DG Employment and social affairs (1990-1994) Director of the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (MSH) at Nantes (1999-2005). Coordinator of a COST Action on reforms of social protection in a period of globalisation and Europeanisation (1999-2004) and general coordinator of a Network of Excellence (NoE) on Reconciling Work and Welfare in Europe (RECWOWE), 2006-2011. Current position/activity: Emeritus Professor of the university of Nantes Senior scientific advisor of the European Social Observatory Member of the Series editor “Work and Welfare in Europe”, in Palgrave Macmillan publishing.

Areas of activity

social policies, poverty and inequality, work and social protection

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