Gabriela Portela

Learning and Development Coordinator


Gabriela has a language and literature degree in English and German and a master’s in education sciences and educational projects management. She has many years of experience as training officer and coordinator for several vocational training institutes and training centres (including UGT-P training centres) as well as state organisations accredited for training. In her capacity as pedagogical coordinator, Gabriela has created several training programmes, as well as all the manuals and teaching material linked to the courses she has led. As part of her functions at the ETUI, she currently works in the accreditation of competences for Eurotrainers in cooperation with an external European accrediting body. She’s also invited member of the jury at Lille 1 University for the accreditation of prior education and experiential learning of the Eurotrainers. She organises and delivers pedagogical training on different areas, such as capacity building, training design and active learning methodologies. She is a coach for European trainers who build reflexive ePortfolios on their competences and career development.

Areas of activity

Eurotrainers, accreditation of competences, pedagogical training, capacity building, language and communication, coaching.

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