Isabelle Schömann

Acting General Director


Isabelle Schömann is the Deputy General Secretary of the ETUC, she has been elected at the 15th Congress in Berlin, in May 2023, following a first mandate as Confederal Secretary from 2019-2023. Isabelle heads ETUC policies on Democracy at Work with a focus on Workers’ Information, Consultation and Participation, on Legal Affairs with a focus on Trade Unions, Workers’ and Human Rights, the ETUC legislative, legal and litigation strategy (the ETUCLEX), on Gender Equality, on Single Market, and on Human Centric Digitalisation with a focus on Artificial Intelligence in the world of work.

Isabelle is a former Principal Adviser to the Regulatory Scrutiny Board of the European Commission, worked as ETUI senior researcher, research fellow at the Berlin Social Science Center (WZB - Germany). Isabelle holds a postgraduate degree in Social and Labour Law from the Sorbonne University in Paris (France).


Areas of activity

Democracy at Work, Workers’ Information, Consultation and Participation rights, Legal Affairs, Human and Labour Rights, legislative, legal and litigation strategy, Gender Equality, Single Market, Artificial Intelligence in the world of work.