Marcus Meyer

Senior Researcher


Marcus Meyer's research interests cover employee participation issues, both under EU and national law, as well as corporate mobility issues. Aside from his research on EWCs and works councils in multinational corporations, also the impact on employees’ rights in the context of cross-border mergers, European Companies (SEs) and other forms of corporate mobility are part of his research focus. A large part of his research is empirical in nature, both by means of quantitative as well as qualitative research methods. He defended his Ph.D. on the position of Dutch works councils in multinational corporations in 2018.

Marcus followed the B.Sc. program in European Studies at the University of Twente and the European Law School program (LL.M., cum laude) at Maastricht University. After his studies, he worked as a researcher at an international consultancy in the field of European company law. From 2013 onwards, he worked as Ph.D. researcher and from 2017 until 2021 as Assistant Professor at Maastricht University before joining the European Trade Union Institute.

Areas of activity

European Works Councils and employee participation in the context of cross-border corporate mobility.

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