Valentina Mariani

EWC Education Officer


Valentina holds degrees in Political Science, International Cooperation (Masters) and Educational Sciences (from the University of Lille). She is a Philosophical Counselor and a journalist, and writes about culture and art. Her personal and professional passions are education, learning, and civil and human rights.

She has been a trade unionist for twelve years at FISAC CGIL, an Italian bankers' and insurers' trade union. She dealt with communication, gender politics and, above all, training of delegates in various areas: the history and the statute of CGIL, laws regulating the labour market, communication, equal opportunities, group composition and management, conflict management, leadership, and technostress. As a trainer, she followed the training process from beginning to end, from understanding the audience's needs to designing the courses to the final evaluation.

She joined the ETUI in September 2023 as Education Officer for European Works Councils training activities.

Areas of activity

EWC (European Works Councils) and SE-WC (European Company – Societas Europeae) training activities