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23 June 2014

6th Annual TURI conference, 23-24 June 2014, Sofia

The 2014 conference of the TURI network took place on 23 and 24 June in Sofia, Bulgaria. It was kindly hosted by the two Bulgarian members of the network - ISTUR and ISETUR.

The first half day of the conference which was also open to the public, focused on the socio-economic situation in Bulgaria 7 years after the country joined the European Union. An external to the trade unions speaker - Rossitza Borissova, Deputy Director Friedrich Ebert Foundation Office Bulgaria - gave an overview of the issues at stake and experts from the Bulgarian trade union institutes commented afterwards on it and opened up the debate with the audience. In a second panel the Heads of the Bulgarian trade union confederations and ETUC Confederal Secretary Luca Visentini shared their views on the challenges for the trade unions after the European elections.

In the afternoon of the first day, the network members talked about the different experiences of trade unions in different countries in coping with the crisis and discussed more generally how the country-specific recommendations are impacting the different member states. Unfortunately Andrew Watt from IMK cancelled last minute his presentetion on possible alternatives based on the ‘independent Annual Growth Survey’ report (iAGS). The morning of the second day was devoted to the topic of intra-EU labour migration and views from immigration and migration countries were exchanged. Then the focus returned to the post European elections reality and the implications this will have for the TURI research agenda. An issue which is considered to be of particular interest in this respect is the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the impact it will have on labour and the working environment.

Download here the agenda:

draft agenda TURI conference Sofia 2014.pdf 96.18 kB

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