In a three-month period, around one million members participated in different types of ‘Dialog’ activities organised by the Austrian trade union confederation, ÖGB, and the Chamber of Labour. These activities ranged from workplace visits to street pickets and manifestations. The organisers published the result of the large-scale campaign that included a survey among the rank and file membership. The campaigners also used several sorts of social media.

In the frame of a three-month campaign, called ‘Wie soll Arbeit’, the Chamber of Labour and trade union confederation ÖGB launched a large-scale dialogue with the membership. The campaign led to the organisation of Dialog meetings across the country, ranging form workplace visits to street pickets. The two organisations summed up the outcome in a first report. A crucial part of the action was the organisation of a survey on the future of labour. The response to the survey was impressive, with 300,000 people responding to the questions raised. The survey included questions on issues such as the planned introduction of more possibilities for enlarging the working time (to 12 hours), the need to act against social dumping, the equal treatment of men and women and paid days off for educational purposes. The two organisations listed the results in in an overview. The outcome was also summarised in a Youtube item.

Based on the outcome of the campaign the Chamber of Labour has formulated its Program of Activities 2019-2023. A key theme for the future is what is called an offensive digitalisation policy, with increased attention given to training and retraining, the creation of jobs and improvement of working conditions and better advocacy of the workers concerned. The program came up with three other priorities: education, a stronger focus on care and more interest to be given to housing conditions.