COVID-19 in Finland

Industrial relations in Finland

  • National trade union confederations:
    • AKAVA Akava Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland
    • SAK Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions 
      (Suomen Ammattiliittojen Keskusjärjestö) 
    • STTK Finnish Confederation of Professionals 

The state of pension reforms

  • Background summary
    • The Finnish pension system, with is organised in 2 tiers, with a basic state pension and an insurance earnings system, is quite stable and able to face the future challenges, including the aging of the population. Reforms are negotiated between the government and the social partners, and are not especially controversial. Read more.

Strikes: latest developments and data

  • Background summary
    • There is a general right to strike in Finland, with an interdiction when a collective agreement is in place and the strike is about some dispositions of the collective agreement. Political strikes and sympathy strikes are relatively frequent. A National Conciliator assists the negotiating partners in the conciliation of labour disputes. Read more.

Latest EU Commission documents for Finland

Translations into Finnish are available

The state of labour market reforms

  • Background summary
    • After the round of negotiations which took place in 2013, new social laws and regulations came into force in January 2014, affecting unemployment benefits, parental leave or the development of workers’ skills. The government elected in 2015 obliged the social partners to accept a new labour market pact in order to boost Finland’s competitiveness, by decreasing companies’ costs and increasing the working time.  Read more.