COVID-19 in Romania

Social and employment consequences of the COVID-19 in Romania

Industrial relations in Romania

  • National trade union confederations 
    • BNS The National Trade Unions Block
      (Blocul National Sindical)
    • CARTEL ALFA National Trade Union Confederation - Cartel ALFA
      (Confederatia Nationalã Sindicalã)
    • CNSLR-Fratia National Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Romania - FRATIA
      (Confederaţia Naţională A Sindicatelor Libere Din România - Frăţia)
    • CSDR Democratic Trade Union Confederation of Romania (Confederaţia Sindicatelor Democratice din România)
  • ETUI publications:

The state of pension reforms

Strikes: latest developments and data

Latest EU Commission documents for Romania

Translations into Romanian are available

The state of labour market reforms