The latest figures for members of Sweden’s trade unions show that Unionen is at the top of the table, making it the country’s largest union.

According to the latest figures, Unionen has overtaken Kommunal, which covers workers in municipalities, county councils, churches, cooperatives, and private businesses that work in particular for local authorities and in the natural resources sector. On 1 January 2016 Kommunal had 523 185 members, but this number had fallen to 509 790 by 1 January 2017 because of the property scandal that hit the union in January 2016. Unionen currently has 538 000 members, in addition to student members (43 000), retired members (63 000) and elected members (33 000). It is the largest white-collar union, with strong representation in the manufacturing industry, wholesale and retail trades, transport and logistics, research and development, bureaus/contracting, call centres, construction, the forestry and paper industries, telecommunications, IT, the foodstuffs industry and the media. The increase in its membership is a result of the strong growth in Sweden’s tertiary sector in recent years.