Upcoming training courses


Train the trainers on AI

After two years of implementing training on Ai, we discover the need of multiplying the knowledge to a larger scale. So, a training for national trainers on how AI technologies and data at workplace will respond to this need.. Find out more


AI and inequalities, building trade union 'AI literacy'

It is unquestionable that the growth of AI will significantly impact society, environment and workplaces in numerous ways, including those that today we do not know. At the same time, one of the most critical issues our world faces is global inequality. The objective is this training course is... Find out more


AI, data and algorithmic workplace surveillance

Artificial intelligence is increasingly permeating our working and personal lives. It is a key driver in the digital transformation of our societies and of the economy. AI applications are embedded in our workplaces but remain invisible and difficult to understand for workers, workers... Find out more


Digital platforms - New rights for the new form of labour

Digital labour platforms belong to the emerging range of technology-facilitated labour market developments. This new form of work has generated a completely different approach to labour relations. Find out more

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