Upcoming training courses


Green competences for trade unionists

The ETUI's Green Competence Framework is a comprehensive approach that identifies five interrelated competences encompassing knowledge, abilities, values, and attitudes required to live in, develop, and support a society that minimizes the impact of human activities on the environment. In autumn... Find out more


Training design: pedagogical workshop

In this workshop, participants will explore both the theoretical and practical aspects involved in designing a European training programme. The online pre-course modules, hosted on our dedicated learning platform, will delve into the theoretical foundations, while the face-to-face component will... Find out more


Strengthening trade unions power by using digital tools

Course description The organising is about building strong, effective unions. The organising model was developed before the era of social media/digitalisation during the last few decades of the 20th century. Now the European trade unions need to integrate methods and tools of digitalisation and... Find out more


Securing workers' rights in an era of transition

The transition process is closely linked to and has an influence on traditional employment issues such as job security, unionisation, occupational safety and health, wages, gender equality, work hours, etc. Without guaranteeing strong workers' rights and protections in these employment issues, a... Find out more

National organisations contacts

In this database, you will find the names and addresses of your national contact persons.