Upcoming training courses


Social protection, a key enabler during the green transition

The transition to environmental sustainability will have adverse employment and social impacts if poorly managed. Social protection measures such as social care, employment services, training, cash, and in-kind payment have a long track record of helping workers and communities affected by... Find out more


Collective bargaining for a fairer economy

In these times of 'polycrisis', the trade union movement found that the collective agreement was the most potent tool to support and protect the workers. A series of training activities has been organised to acquire knowledge to support and strengthen the collective bargaining process. This course... Find out more


The EWC as a tool for democracy at work

This training course aims to raise practical awareness of the EWC being an important tool of democracy at work, starting from the proper election and EWC seat distribution, through to the EWC escalation procedure, and ending with influencing the decision-making of multinational companies via... Find out more


Intersectionality: an approach for trade unionists

Intersectionality is a theoretical, methodological, and political perspective that focuses on the inequalities and discriminations generated by the intersections of different social elements: gender, social class, origin, ethnic and cultural background, age, (dis)ability, or language. During this... Find out more

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