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The ETUI started developing support material for the trade union movement in the early stages of the COVID19 crisis. With specific regard to Covid-19, ETUI is focusing on the workers’ perspective. The Covid Social Impact platform is monitoring the social and employment consequences of Covid-19 in EU member states. In addition, and complementing the ETUC’s Covid19- Watch briefing notes, we are collecting all measures conducted by trade unions, social partners, national governments, European Union institutions and international organisations. We have compiled a special timeline of events to specifically track and trace EU and member state responses to this new global crisis. The ETUI is contributing to this effort by putting its expertise at the service of workers’ interests at European level and by producing new and original content related to the global fight against the pandemic. ETUI Education is part of this support mission. The new remote working realities are prompting us to accelerate our development of E-learning.

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