ETUI online learning platform

The Education department is officially launching today it’s new online learning platform, where trade unionists across Europe can register and participate in online courses.

The ETUI understands that trade unionists need to:

  • keep skills and knowledge up-to-date;
  • and have access to quality training, particularly with a European dimension.

To adapt to the fast-changing world around us and deliver quality training to most you, the ETUI has therefore developed an online learning platform.
To begin with we have produced two courses: “Being a citizen in Europe today” and "EWCs: the rules of the game".
For the time being the two courses are only in English, but additional languages will be added further on.
Why register?

  • You can do it when you want.
  • Where you want.
  • At your own pace.
  • With any device.

Register now via the etui website at: 
It’s simple: just one click and you can start your new learning experience!