Occupational safety & health lessons learned from the pandemic



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The continuing Covid-19 pandemic has hit the world of work hard, but what lessons does it hold for occupational safety and health?

The global pandemic has had a myriad of impacts on workers across sectors and occupations. Frontline workers, despite having always been ‘essential’, were suddenly brought into everyone’s line of sight and newly appreciated, all the while being the most exposed to the virus. In another realm, public health measures confined workers with ‘teleworkable’ jobs in challenging working environments for months on end.

Regardless of the context, all workers should be guaranteed safe and healthy working conditions, but the pandemic has been a stress test for occupational safety and health (OSH). By providing a forum for debate and discussion on a variety of issues, such as the role of OSH in protecting population health, psychosocial risks in telework, and OSH beyond the pandemic, this conference will take stock of what lessons we have learned so far.