Brussels launch of the Association Bruno Trentin-ISF-IRES
International Trade Union House (Bd du Roi Albert II, 5; 1210 Brussels, room B); 17h - 18h30

On the programme:

  • Presentation of the Association and its activities by Fulvio Fammoni, President
  • Comments on the economic and political situation in Italy: between austerity and growth; and on its importance for the European debate by Fulvio Fammoni, President
  • Presentation of the results of a research project on wage developments in Italy by Salvo Leonardi and Lorenzo Birindelli, Researchers

After the presentations you are cordially invited to a drinks reception in front of the meeting room.

About the Association:
The Association Bruno Trentin-ISF-IRES was officially founded in Rome on 3 June 2013, merging the three existing structures. The newly created entity is endorsed by the Italian General Confederation of Labour (CGIL) and constitutes a single Centre for trade union research and training following the example of other significant trade union structures in Europe. The new Association will carry out activities on topics related to the trade unions and their social, economic and institutional environment with a particular focus on labour-related issues, and will investigate the dynamics and processes taking place in Italian society and their relation to the European and international context.

Presentations 26.09.13

  • Dr. Fulvio Fammoni:
  • Dr. Salvo Leonardi:
  • Dr. Lorenzo Birindelli: