Webinar series: Nature, Labour and the Struggle for an Eco-Social World
Zoom, 15h30-17h CET

As part of four webinars organized across the world to provide insights from the field of environmental labour studies to discuss questions of just transition, this ETUI event will focus on the context and main challenges of a just transition to a zero-carbon economy in the EU. Taking a broad-based theoretical approach, presentations will frame the current EU context of a just transition with regard to the European Green Deal and the Fit for 55 package. Main questions raised by the authors will be:

To what extent can current EU policies and practices be considered as a step towards a more comprehensive policy framework to integrate climate/environmental and labour priorities?

How far are institutions and the welfare state ready to address the new challenges posed by the eco-social paradigm shift, possibly under a low growth or de-growth scenario?

What strategies do trade unions have and what main challenges do they face?


  • Nora Räthzel (Umeå University, Sweden)


  • Bela Galgoczi (ETUI): From “just transition” to an “eco-social state”? Download here his presentation
  • Markus Wissen (Berlin School of Economics and Law - HWR): Workers, Trade Unions, and the Imperial Mode of Living: Labour Environmentalism from the Perspective of Hegemony Theory 
  • Adrien Thomas (LISER, Luxembourg) and Valeria Pulignano (KU Leuven): Multilevel Engagement of Trade Unions with Climate Change Mitigation Download here the presentation 


  • Samantha Smith, Director of the Just Transition Centre of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC)

Find here information about the other webinars in this series. A discount code for the Palgrave Handbook of Environmental Labour Studies will be made available to participants during the webinar sessions.

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