Covid-19 Exposes Pre-Existing Inequalities in US and Europe
Zoom, 16h Brussels time

Covid-19 has sharply exposed the pre-existing social and economic inequalities. In the US, Black, Indigenous and communities of color have suffered from disproportionately high rates of infection and death. In Europe, many of the migrant and posted workers have been essential workers but left unprotected, exposing their extreme vulnerabilities. These inequalities, however, did not happen by chance but are legacies of intentional hierarchical structures built into our laws and economy.

The panel will discuss moreover the challenges of these marginalized communities as well as their actions in response to the inequality and, especially in the US, police brutality. They will discuss what has been the role of unions or other (worker) organizations in the short or long-term to remedy these systemic failures.

Vonda McDaniel, Central Labor Council, Nashville & Middle Tennessee
Zane Rasnača, ETUI
Romin Khan, Ver.di
Moderator: Larry Williams Jr., UnionBase

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