It has been 25 years since the Transnational Trade Union Rights (TTUR) Network met for the first time upon the invitation and initiative of Brian Bercusson. During these 25 years, the TTUR Network has strengthened and empowered the trade union movement with research-based knowledge on comparative and European labour law. The work of the network has focussed on European labour law with a particular emphasis on fundamental social rights and collective rights. It is best illustrated by the TTUR publications, of which the most recent is the book ‘Effective Enforcement of EU Labour Law’.

In order to celebrate its 25th anniversary among friends and colleagues, the TTUR Network invites you to participate in a conference on the topic ‘Enforcing EU Labour Law’ on 27 and 28 September in Brussels. In a way, this conference brings us back to the beginnings of the TTUR and the work of Brian Bercusson, who dedicated many years to the study of how to improve the realisation of social and labour rights in the EU setting. The conference will focus on the following four themes:

  • Developing an effective regulatory framework for labour law
  • The role of actors in the enforcement of labour law
  • Enforcement within specific substantive areas of labour law (e.g. health and safety, precarious work, migrant workers)
  • Enforcement beyond labour law: Sectoral and horizontal approaches to enforcement

The full programme is available here

For more information about the event, please contact Angélique Vanhoutte (avanhoutte@etui.org).