Thursday 28 June 2018, 15:30-17:00, room: Germany

Youth engagement is a vital issue for a European trade union movement that is suffering from declining membership and is in search of renewal in order to influence developments that are often unfavourable to it, This panel brings together researchers who have worked on empirical studies of union involvement by young people in different national contexts. It thus inverts the usual research perspective, which often looks for reasons for the lack of unionisation among young people, to examine instead how young people can apply their own experiences to trade unionism. In other words, what limits and what promotes youth engagement in unionism? What demands do they, in turn, make on unions in terms of their structure and functions? What kinds of tensions are emerging between labour organisations and young people? And, finally: how do they take advantage of trade unions; and what innovative modes of engagement do they bring? Overall, the purpose of this panel is to document the relationships between young people involved in unionism in order to draw lessons for union practice and future research.

  • Fanny Chartier, Ministry of Social Affairs, France - PPP
  • Dennis Everberg, University of Jena - PPP
  • Kurt Vandaele, European Trade Union Institute - PPP

Comments: Viktória Nagy, SZEF

Moderator: Marcus Kahmann, IRES

Fanny Chartier: Unionism and attitudes towards unions among  French young workers