Thursday 28 June 2018, 15:30-17:00, room: Netherlands I-II

The ETUI Education department operates by foreseeing different methods and networking strategies which strongly contribute to anticipating change. One of our main objectives is to successfully help our public to tackle change in efficient and innovative ways.
Change is always something difficult to tackle but it can also be an opportunity to find new work relations and, most of all, coherent and sustainable policies.
What do Visuals have to do with this?
Visual facilitation is a very wide field of methodologies and tools for working easily in difficult and complex situations. Visuals can open perspectives and give more sense to new work scenarios, new connections and can collect important information by creating visible connections, visible relations, touchable opportunities of actions, leaving NO ONE BEHIND.
This hands-on approach and very practical working session invites everyone to get into the sphere of becoming VISUAL CHANGEMAKERS.

Introduction: Sara Seravalle, Visual Stories - PPP

Moderator: Gabriela Portela, European Trade Union Institute

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