ETUI workshop: Proactive just green transition in practice: exit from coal, exit from the combustion engine – what does this mean for employment?
ITUH building, ETUI meeting room, 7th floor Roi Albert II.5. 1210 Brussels

Just transition has been a long-standing trade union demand for a fair and balanced way of how to transform the current energy and resource depleting production and consumption model into a sustainable low carbon economy. By `proactive just green transition` we mean that fair burden sharing and tackling the employment and social effects of the decarbonisation process should be managed in an advance looking way. In this context, the focus of this workshop will be on concrete challenges and policy responses with view to employment and employment change at the example of two major paradigm shifts:

-          the exit from coal in the energy sector and

-          the future of the European automobile industry at the background of fundamental changes in mobility patterns and the exit from the combustion engine.