European Dialogue 2015 “Prosperity in Europe...only if we stop the growing inequality”
The Hotel, Boulevard de Waterloo 38, 1000 Brussels

This year’s European Dialogue organised by the Hans Böckler Foundation, in cooperation with the ETUI, is being held in Brussels on 16 -17 April 2015.

Prof. Paul Krugman, Princeton University and winner of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2008, will make the keynote speech at the event and thus introduce the stimulating debates to follow. On Thursday afternoon and Friday morning various aspects of the economic and social inequality in Europe will be examined in three parallel Workshops. The final plenary session will be focusing on the question of whether European unemployment insurance (can be) a way to greater justice and stability in Europe. László Andor, EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion from 2010 to 2014, will explain his proposals for European unemployment insurance and discuss them together with Reiner Hoffmann, the President of the German Trade Union Confederation.

You can download the full programme below. Please register by 2 April by filling in the form below and sending it back to Katharina-Jakoby@boeckler.de