How to get real working time reduction
Maison des Associations Internationales, Rue Washington, 40 B-1050 Brussels AND Zoom

The European Network for the Fair Sharing of Working Time’s biannual conference will address the possibilities of a four-day week in Europe, and what real working time reduction could look like.

There will be three panel discussions. The first will look at best practice examples across Europe, with representatives sharing lessons learnt and practical strategies towards achieving working time reduction. The second will consider the ambiguities of a four-day week, understanding risks such as compressed hours and threats from objectors. The third panel will look at what actions trade unions are taking in the fight for working time reduction in Europe, with representatives from unions in France, Switzerland and Germany.

We hope that the conference will facilitate fruitful discussion and support strategy-building on the road to achieving working time reduction in Europe.

Download here the agenda. 

Find here the presentations:

Opening speech Joe Ryle - PPP

Panel 1: Presentation Joan Sanchis - PPP

Panel 2: Presentation Pedro Gomez - PPP

Panel 3: Booklet CGT 32h 

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