Second webinar for the launch of the 22nd edition of ‘Social policy in the European Union: state of play’
Zoom, 15:00-17:00 CET

The European Environment Agency (EEA), the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) and the European Social Observatory (OSE) are happy to invite you to a second webinar for the launch of the 22nd edition of ‘Social policy in the European Union: state of play.

Climate change is flexing its muscles, in the form of floods, droughts, tornados and hurricanes, and striking indiscriminately. The threat of climate change will require changes in the ways in which we produce, consume, and organise our societies. The EU’s response to climate change and the much-needed, fundamental transitions is the European Green Deal. Can its implementation roadmap achieve the EU’s climate targets? Can European societies grow in quality, rather than quantity, and in a more equitable way? And who are the winners and losers of the transition? These questions will be discussed by experts and policymakers, with active participation from the audience.

The digital transition is also at the heart of this event: how can digitalisation be moulded to benefit the climate and society – and not Big Tech? The pandemic has further highlighted the importance of digitalisation and spurred many developments in this area – with important consequences for work and social policies and thus triggering responses from a variety of social stakeholders. These will be critically reviewed during the event and difficult questions raised. ‘New’ movements and players in the digital area are gaining a say in the process: is their influence becoming greater than that of trade unions?  

Interpretation: English and French


Welcome and introduction: Nicola Countouris (Director of Research, ETUI) and Bart Vanhercke (Director, OSE)

The European Green Deal: opportunities and prospects after the Covid-19 crisis

Hans Bruyninckx (Director, European Environment Agency) Download here his presentation

Europe’s digital agenda: people-centric, data-centric or both?

Aida Ponce Del Castillo (Senior Researcher, ETUI) Download here her presentation

Q&A with the audience introduced by Félix Mailleux (Advisor, ETUC), Catelijne Muller (President ALLAI and AI-Rapporteur, European Economic and Social Committee) and Sebastiano Sabato (Senior Researcher, OSE)


Slavina Spasova (Senior Researcher, OSE) and Bart Vanhercke, editors