His and Hers: occupational hazards, health, justice and prevention actors
ITUH Room B - 1st floor Boulevard du Roi Albert II, 5 B - 1210 Brussels

In Europe, there is still a gender-based division of labour: men and women do not occupy the same professions, and when they perform similar jobs, their work activity, their work experiences, their opportunities for career advancement and their remuneration are not identical.

Policies on occupational health and prevention practices are also still built on a model of gender neutrality that implicitly refers to male workers. This is why it is useful to analyse the obstacles and resistances that stand in the way of considering the gender dimension in occupational health.

In the context of this seminar, we will examine what working on the gender dimension means when we examine epidemiological data or occupational health data, ergonomic interventions in companies or the actions carried out by certain prevention actors. In recent years, labour inspectorates have helped to develop inspection methods, guidelines and interventions aimed at both the promotion of equal access for men and women to all employment and an effective level of protection for their health and safety. This action clearly supports that of employee representatives and other prevention actors.

The seminar will go into more depth about the issue of certain occupational hazards (cancers, musculoskeletal disorders) and whether or not male and female employees are likely to have control over the way in which they return to work.

After a plenary session, three workshops are planned on the following themes: ‘Gender and occupational cancers’, ‘Gender and MSD (musculoskeletal disorders)’, ‘Gender and returning to work’.

Speakers' presentations: