As the summer is turning to an end, the ETUI welcomes you to take part in the first live stream of ETUI Conversations. 

This session will focus on Next Generation EU and the economic and political imbalances in Europe. Has the EU failed to solve existing asymmetries and structural problems left over from the previous Eurozone crisis? Which countries are the most prone to implementing novel austerity measures after the Covid-19? Is there a correlation between NGEU grants and anti-EU sentiments? 


  • Caroline de la Porte (Copenhagen Business School)
  • David Natali (Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies)
  • Philippe Pochet (ETUI General Director)
  • Liina Carr (ETUC Confederal Secretary)

Moderator: Bianca Luna Fabris (ETUI)

Twitter hashtag for this event: #ETUIConversations

Background documents:
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de la Porte and Jensen, 2021, The next generation EU: An analysis of the dimensions of conflict behind the deal 
Armingeon, de La Porte, Heins (2021) Voices from the Past: Economic and Political Vulnerabilities in the Making of Next Generation EU Forthcoming in Comparative European Politics (Accepted version)
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Natali and Terlizzi, 2021, Access to social protection for all at the time of Covid-19: The role of the EPSR and the NGEU