Lunch debate: From refugees to workers
ITUH, Bd du Roi Albert II, 5; 1210 Brussels, ETUI meeting room 7th floor; 12h30 - 14h

Speaker: Joscha Schwarzwälder, Bertelsmann Foundation

Comments: Liina Carr, Confederal Secretary ETUC

Moderator: Philippe Pochet, General Director ETUI

The inflow of almost 1.3 million asylum seekers to Europe in 2015 has put Member States’ reception and asylum systems to a historic test. After the first shock has subsided, policy-makers now have to face the much more lasting challenge of facilitating refugees’ integration into our societies and economies. Here, access to the labour market is key, as work is essential to integration more broadly.
The report “From refugees to workers: Mapping labour-market integration support measures for asylum seekers and refugees in EU Member States  published by the Bertelsmann foundation in October 2016 sets out to provide a better understanding of the emerging challenges in policy targeting the labour market integration of refugees. What are the strategies and practices implemented in different EU Member States to facilitate access into employment? What do we know about their effectiveness? What are good practices and lessons learned in different countries?

A light lunch will be served from 12h00 in the same room.

Follow the debate live here: https://www.periscope.tv/ETUI_org

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