Hybrid event (online and ITUC, Boulevard du Roi Albert II, 5 - 1210 Brussels)

Agenda-Psychosocial risks in (un)expected places_2022

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With Covid-19 impacting the working conditions of many workers, there is no denying that psychosocial risks are now topping the agenda. Numerous reports have highlighted how changing work content, heavy workloads, work-family conflicts, and rising job insecurity have greatly contributed to the psychological toll of the crisis.

But these risks are far from new. Indeed, in many respects, the pandemic has merely served as a spotlight, bringing some of the underlying issues to the forefront of the public debate.

Specific segments of the working population bore the brunt of the pandemic – for example, frontline healthcare workers and teleworkers. While it is true that these segments were disproportionately impacted, we should not forget that psychosocial risks are present in all types of work and that no job or person is immune to them. Unlike physical risks, exposure to psychosocial risks is not specifically related to particular activities or workplaces. This reminder is all the more important now that regulatory moves – such as the right to disconnect – are gaining momentum.

Building on previous events, this conference aims to advance the debate on psychosocial risks by embracing less visible segments of the working population. Bringing together experts from academic and policy spheres, the discussion is expected to help lay the foundation for a more holistic approach to addressing psychosocial risks at work.


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