Launch of HesaMag#26
Salle de réunion de l'ETUI, au rez-de-chaussée de l'ITUH

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"If people are unhappy at work it’s because they’ve got problems in their personal lives." This is just one of the deep-rooted misconceptions used as an excuse not to take action against psychosocial risks. And yet these risks, which have numerous consequences for workers’ physical and mental health, are everywhere in our workplaces today: social isolation, overwork, unfairness, lack of autonomy, job insecurity... The list goes on. And take action against them we must.   

Join us for the launch of the26th issue of HesaMag, the ETUI’s health and safety magazine, which takes a hard look at the various manifestations of psychosocial risks in European workplaces.    

  • Marian Schaapman, Head of "Working conditions, health and safety unit", ETUI
  • Pierre Bérastégui, ETUI researcher in health and safety, and coordinator of this issue 
  • Nayla Glaise, President of Eurocadres (Trade Union of European Professionals and Managers) 
  • Laurent Vogel, Legal expert and associate researcher in health and safety at the ETUI  

Host: Bethany Staunton, Managing editor of HesaMag   

The event will be in English and French. Interpretation will not be provided.