Second workshop of the ECF-ETUI project “Towards a new concept of the welfare state”
Zoom and Willow room, DoubleTree by Hilton Brussels City

We are at a historical juncture, dominated by the climate and health crisis, when policy decisions need to be made for the decades to come. Soon after the announcement of the visionary European Green Deal (EGD) with its net-zero emissions commitment for 2050 and the corresponding higher climate policy targets for 2030, a “once in a century” pandemic entered the stage followed by an economic crisis unseen since the Great Recession. The European Recovery Plan was launched including to a great extent the priorities of the EGD. The governance structure of these policy initiatives is still not finalised with some instruments such as e.g. the National Energy and Climate Plans, national recovery packages, the European Semester being simultaneously developed. A big number of policy debates are leading the way in matching the ambitious objectives and implementing them at the national, but also at the European level. In order for the recovery to be sustainable it would be crucial that environmental protection and social justice are an integral part of the policies carried out at the national and European level. This hybrid workshop is the second in the framework of the joint project of the European Climate Foundation (ECF) and the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) investigating a new concept of the welfare state. At this occasion, analyses of the social and environmental impact of the national recovery plans and the European level recovery initiative, will be presented and discussed.

13.00 The Environment-Labour Nexus as addressed by the project     

Bela Galgoczi (ETUI)  download here the presentation 

13.15 The Socio-Ecological Dimension of the EU Recovery

Sebastiano Sabato (OSE) download here the presentation, Matteo Mandelli (University of Milan) download here the presentation

Download here the paper by Sabato, S., Mandelli, M. and Vanhercke, B. (2021), The Socio-Ecological Dimension of the EU Recovery. From the European Green Deal to the Recovery and Resilience Facility. Madrid: EUROsociAL Programme, EUROsociAL Collection No 24, 63p.

13.35 Comments by Liina Carr, ETUC Confederal secretary

13.45 How do national recovery plans address environmental and social challenges?

Sotiria Theodoropoulou (ETUI), Mehtap  Akgüç (ETUI) and Jakob Wall (Dondena Centre-Bocconi University) - download here the presentation

14.05 Comments by Maria João Rodrigues, President Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) 

 14.15  Q&A

Chair: Philippe Pochet (ETUI)