Social policy in the European Union 1999-2019: the long and winding road
ITUH, Bd du Roi Albert II, 5; 1210 Brussels, Auditorium, 1st floor; 9h - 16h30

To mark the 20th edition of their flagship publication, the European Social Observatory and the European Trade Union Institute are holding a presentation-debate.

Confirmed speakers: Amandine Crespy (ULB), Frederic De Wispelaere (HIVA, KU Leuven), Sacha Garben (College of Europe, Bruges), Dalila Ghailani (OSE), Philippe Pochet (ETUI), Laura Polverari (University of Padua), Slavina Spasova (OSE), Luc Tholoniat (DG ECFIN), Jean-Paul Tricart (Associate researcher ETUI), Bart Vanhercke (OSE) and Herwig Verschueren (University of Antwerp)
This flagship book provides an assessment of the long and winding road that led to the EU’s involvement, over the past two decades, in social policies which have long been considered as Member States’ prerogatives.

Key questions for the event will include: has a certain rebalancing been taking place between economic and social policies? Which are the actors that have driven, and hampered, EU social policymaking? Which instruments does the EU have at its disposal for ‘market correcting’ policies? And what are the next steps in making the Pillar of Social Rights a reality?

Interventions in EN and FR: interpretation in these languages will be provided. 

Programme & registration (mandatory): http://www.ose.be/EN/agenda.htm

Follow the debate on Twitter: #SPEU20y