Hotel Thon EU, room France

The social dimension of the European Green Deal has moved from the sidelines into the centre of policy debates. While this is welcome, its content has remained a patchwork.

At this first workshop of a new ETUI project financed by the European Climate Foundation, we will start with a presentation of the findings of the High-Level Group on the Future of Social Protection and of the Welfare State in the EU who has analysed the expected impacts of key megatrends on the social protection and on the welfare state in a report published in the beginning of this year. We will then discuss with two of the authors how ecological priorities are dealt with in their report.

The second part of the workshop will focus on the existing gaps in EU just transition policies and examine how a more comprehensive and integrated policy framework could be established, reaching from social protection and active labour market policies to facilitate labour market transitions to industrial and regional policies. The strengthening of the social dimension of the European Green Deal will also need more resources. We will aim to develop recommendations to strengthen funding mechanisms of just transition policies with regard to the current Multiannual Financial Framework review as well as the next one.


Draft agenda


10h30 – 12h00  The future of social protection and of the welfare state in the EU

Speakers: Catherine Mathieu (OFCE) and Jozef Pacolet (University of Leuven) Download here the slides

Comments: Matteo Mandelli (University of Milan) Download here the slides

Moderator: Philippe Pochet (ETUI)


12h00 – 13h45 Lunch


13h45 – 15h15  Why is the current EU just transition framework not satisfactory and what needs to be done to enhance it?

Speakers: Sebastiano Sabato (OSE) Download here the slides and Kalina Arabadjieva (ETUI) Download here the slides

Comments: Corinna Zierold (industriAll), Barbara Caracciolo (Solidar), Frank Siebern (DG Employment, EC)

Moderator: Bela Galgoczi (ETUI)


The event is in-person only.