ETUI conference
Hotel Double Tree by Hilton, meeting room Chestnut (first floor)
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The social dimension of the European Green Deal has moved from the side-lines into the centre of policy debates and it is by now clear that without a robust just transition framework the ambitious climate policy objectives of the EU cannot be reached. Still, as several ETUI publications have shown, the social underpinning of  these policies has remained fragmented. Aside from a more integrated and holistic policy framework, more funding is needed that lives up to the complexity of the necessary just transition policies, from social protection, measures facilitating labour market transitions to industrial and regional policy initiatives. The EU’s new focus on zero carbon industry, through the Green Deal Industrial Plan, provides an opportunity to expand corresponding just transition policies to critical industrial sectors. This conference intends to generate debate and mobilise for a European (Eco)Social Model 2.0 that integrates ecological and social priorities, including the use of existing policy levers such as the European Pillar of Social Rights.


9:30 Welcome – Bart Vanhercke, Director of Research, ETUI 

9:45 -11:45 Panel 1: Eco-social welfare - what does this mean for the EU?

 Moderator: Philippe Pochet (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna)

  • Bela Galgoczi (ETUI) -  Framing the project and the concept of a new welfare state 
  • Kevin Le Merle (FEPS) - Towards a European Socio-Ecological Welfare System 
  • Discussants: Corinna Zierold (industriAll) and Andrea Casamenti (Solidar) 

12:00-13:15 Lunch

13:15 – 15:00 Panel 2: How to mobilise existing policy levers - such as the EPSR - to strengthen the social dimension of the EGD?

 Moderator: Kalina Arabadjieva (ETUI) 

  • Sebastiano Sabato (OSE) - How can the EPSR contribute to a more comprehensive social dimension of the EGD?
  • Namita Kambli (E3G) - European Green Deal & Society: key levers to bring about positive outcomes for people and the planet 
  • Ben Lennon (ETUC) - Why do we need greater monitoring and enforcement of existing legislation?

Conclusions: Bela Galgoczi (ETUI)

Please register before 5 December via the link above. 

The conference will be in English and onsite only.