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HesaMag#23 ‘Workers in the food chain’

A conversation on the subcontracting model in the German meat industry:

  • Cornel Ban, Associate Professor of International Political Economy at Copenhagen Business School
  • Bethany Staunton, Deputy Editor of HesaMag at the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI)

On the menu: the working conditions of subcontracted, migrant workers in Germany’s slaughterhouses, the mass Covid-19 outbreaks that took place in plants across Europe last year, and the promise of Germany’s new Occupational Safety and Health Inspection Act, which has banned subcontracting in the meat industry,

In these short conversations, we are following the three stages in the food chain: production, processing and distribution.

This episode focussing on food 'processing' is the second of a series of conversations to celebrate the publication of HesaMag #23, the ETUI’s biannual health and safety magazine, on this issue’s theme of ‘Workers in the food chain’. You can replay the first conversation dealing with 'production'.

You can watch the first conversation here: What kind of agriculture do we want for tomorrow’s world?

The event will be in English.

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