The crisis, austerity and health in Europe
ITUH, Bd du Roi Albert II, 5; 1210 Brussels, 1st floor, room B; 14h-15h30

Special joint gathering of the OSE Lunchtime Session and the ETUI Monthly Forum The EU’s economic and financial crises are having a detrimental effect on citizens’ health. This is the main message of a recent article published in The Lancet by a team of health policy researchers. One of the authors of this article will be the keynote speaker at a special event on ‘the crisis, austerity and health in Europe’ organised jointly by the ETUI and the European Social Observatory (OSE) on 27 September.

Marina Karanikolos, research fellow at the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and co-author of The Lancet article, will look at austerity-driven government responses in member states heavily affected by the crisis and show that these policies have had a dramatic effect on health systems and on citizens’ health with increased suicide levels and even HIV outbreaks as the worst outcomes.

She will be joined by Rita Baeten (Senior Policy analyst: Health Care and European Integration, OSE) and Mathias Maucher (Policy Officer: Health and Social Services, EPSU) who will comment on the presentation by Mrs Karanikolos.

Philippe Pochet, General Director of the ETUI, will chair the meeting.

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