The Sustainable Company: changing the way our corporations are governed in the interests of stakeholders and society

ETUI Conference on the occasion of the book launch The Sustainable Company: a new approach to corporate governance The recent financial and economic crisis has intensified the debate on how our companies should be governed. Dissatisfaction is growing with the 'shareholder value' model of the firm, which claims that the stock market is the best yardstick for company value and which has dominated reform of company law for the past two decades.

The ETUI cordially invites you to this conference which will focus on the need for change in Europe's corporate governance system and a reorientation of our companies away from short-term shareholder value to long-term sustainability. Keynote speakers will discuss current challenges and policy alternatives in corporate governance in Europe.Panel sessions debated new ideas and alternatives presented in the book The Sustainable Company, which was written by members of GOODCORP, an ETUI network of researchers and trade unionists concerned with corporate governance issues.

Date & Time: Tuesday 12 July 2011, 9h-17h
Venue: ACV-CSC - Rue de Trèves 31-33, Brussels, Belgium - Room 9

Credit photos: Vivian Hertz, www.paviani.be