Trade unions and the threat of populism and the far right: how to win back the workers’ vote
The International Auditorium, Boulevard du Roi Albert II, 5 – 1st floor – 1210 Brussels; 13h - 17h30

ETUC - ETUI joint conference

Right–wing populist movements and parties are rising almost everywhere in Europe. A growing number of working people, including trade union members, feel attracted to the populist discourse and simplistic promises for preservation of jobs and the increase of public provisions. The ethnocentric worldview of the radical right clashes with the democratic and pluralistic founding values of the trade union movement. The trade unions are among the actors fighting extreme right trends in the society but, at the same time, workers and some trade union members have been seduced by populist ideas. This conference will investigate the broader picture of the far right in Europe and look at how trade unions have reacted to these developments in different European countries. What options are there for trade unions and what is their potential? What tools are being used by populist movements to spread their message and how should trade unions deal with that? And, lastly, what is the political strategy of the different political families at the European level and how do they see the role of the trade unions in the battle against racism and extreme right movements?

Please download the draft programme below.

Simultaneous interpretation FR/EN will be foreseen.

Important note for trade union representatives: The ETUI can cover travel and accommodation costs for a limited number of trade union representatives who would like to attend the conference and/or the closed trade union workshop before. Please send your request to Sophie Kasiers skasiers@etui.org 

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