Working behind bars: Launch of HesaMag#19 and Vernissage Photo Exhibition by Sadak Souici
Press Club Brussels Europe, Rue Froissart 95 - 1040 Brussels; 10h-12h

This 19th edition of HesaMag, the ETUI magazine on health and safety at work, focuses on working conditions behind bars. To work in prison is to work on the margins of society. To work as a prisoner and to work with prisoners is a very ordinary job in terms of the actual actions and tasks being performed. But the context in which the work is being performed is radically different to the “outside” world.  This issue is rarely addressed in occupational health. 
HesaMag#19 explores the conditions of three groups that are directly affected by this particular situation. Firstly, the prisoners, for whom work is never guaranteed. Secondly, the prison staff, who have multiple and contradictory tasks: monitoring, punishing, providing support for possible reintegration. Lastly, those from the outside world who come in to undertake health, social, educational and other tasks. A general observation appears to be valid in all those cases: the more inhumane the situation of prisoners, the more the work of other groups deteriorates, as if there were a causality or a common link between these three groups in the prison environment. 

About the photo exhibition: Born in Paris in 1980, the French photographer Sadak Souici offers a new perspective on urban planning, architecture and photojournalism. He accepted with enthusiasm to visit for HesaMag the Melun detention centre in France where over a hundred prisoners work in a print and metal workshop. This resulted in incredibly interesting and exclusive photo material which deserves to be shown to the wider public in a standalone exhibition. 

With the participation of: Laurent Vogel and Christelle Casse, Senior researchers at the ETUI, Sadak Souici, press photographer and Nadja Salson, European Public Service Union (EPSU)

Moderator: Mehmet Koksal (editor)

HesaMag is a magazine all about health and safety at work. It is published twice a year, in English and French, and sets out to show that occupational health is not just something for specialists but both a big political issue and a daily concern for millions of workers. Find here more information. 

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A light lunch will be served after the presentation.

Photo Credit : Sadak Souici