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Covid Social Impact

Monitoring social and employment consequences of the COVID-19 in the EU-28

The ETUI is transforming its Reforms Watch platform into Covid Social Impact to monitor the social and employment consequences of the coronavirus (aka COVID-19) in European member states. Some content related to industrial relations, labour market, pension reforms, strikes are displayed for information but no longer updated at the moment. All our efforts are currently concentrated to collect all relevant information on the social impact of COVID-19 and the role of trade union organisations. 

This service will provide European and individual member states pages with fact-based information on:

  • Trade unions actions related to the pandemic;
  • Social partners agreements;
  • Governments plans or informations;
  • Tripartite agreements;
  • ETUC briefing notes;
  • European Union (EC, EP, Council, ECB) responses;
  • International resource

Timeline: Additionally, we have compiled a special Covid Social Impact Timeline of events to track and trace specifically the EU’s and member states  very first responses to this new global crisis.

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