European Trade Union Institute, ETUI.

Conférence ETUC/ETUI: Le(s) monde(s) du travail en mutation

Reports from the Conference panels

Panel 1 - Inclusive growth: a new, successful agenda for collective bargaining?

Panel 2 - Working conditions in an ageing society

Panel 3 - Company mobility fueled by digitalization and Europeanisation: how can we shore up workers’ rights?

Panel  4 - Employment forecasts and the digital, green and demographic transitions

Panel  5 - The impact of the digital transformation on job quality

Panel  6 - The role of worker’s participation in addressing the digitalisation-driven Europeanisation strategies of MNCs

Panel  7 - The link between job quality and innovation: virtuous or vicious circles?

Panel  8 - Working time reduction as a trade union strategy for a changing world of work

Panel  9 - Social protection beyond the basic income

Panel 10 - Industrial policy for the green and digital economies

Panel 11 - Psychosocial risks: shifting the perspective towards positive values

Panel 12 - The impact of automation on working conditions, health and safety

Panel 13 - Jobs in a clean, future automobile industry

Panel 14 - Youth engagement and the future of work

Panel 15 - Interactive panel: Using visuals to foresee and learn about change

Panel 17 - The rise of China as a technology superpower – what does this mean for European jobs?

Panel 18 - The four transitions: what skills do we need, and how do we provide them?

Panel 19 - The future of work: perspectives from the ILO

Panel 20 - Interactive panel: Discussing scenarios for 2030