European Trade Union Institute, ETUI.

Panel 11: Wage as an engine of growth

Thursday 25 September 14:00-15:30

Panel 11 Wage as an engine of growth

The current crisis management is essentially based on a narrow supply-side view of wages as cost factors that need to be minimised in order to improve cost competitiveness. However, as the crisis drags on it becomes abundantly clear that this narrow view of wages did neither help to restore growth nor did it help to create employment. The objective of this panel is to explore and discuss alternative views of the role of wages and their potential to act as an engine for growth and employment.


− Torsten Müller, ETUI - PRESENTATION

− Michel Husson, IRES - PRESENTATION

− Martin Myant & Agnieszka Piasna, ETUI - PRESENTATION

Discussant: Bart Samyn, industriAll

Moderator: Jane Pillinger


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