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2 juin 2014

Austerity has an impact on working conditions

Training “Health and safety facing austerity: challenges for Trade Union”, Krakow, 6-7 May 2014

Austerity has an impact on working conditions, including on health and safety at workplace. This training aimed at identifying Trade Union strategies against H&S facing austerity measures taken at different levels: local, enterprise, sectorial, national and European. The course, organized by ETUI in partnership with local OPZZ, helped participants to be more aware about the consequences of the economic crisis for workers’ health and safety in the Member and Candidate Countries. In addition, the training was an occasion to exchange good practices and information on different Trade Union policies and changes related to the austerity measures and occupational strategies. The program included also a session with the participation of the Polish National Labour Inspectorate and the Central Institute for Labour Protection.

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