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4 avril 2014

ETUI training for ETUC Young Trade Union leaders

Twenty trade unionist members of the ETUC Youth Committee attended a four days (27-30 March 2014) course in Rome aimed at enhancing team building and identifying further training needs.

The participants came from ten different countries and represented fifteen organisations, from all corners of Europe.

One session was devoted to the presentation of the Italian experience in the implementation of the Youth Guarantee. Contributions came from representatives of trade unions and employers’ organisation Confindustria.

During another session, a discussion on European youth lifestyles took place on the basis of the results of the study conducted by sociology professor Rui Brites.

In the final part of the training, the participants identified a list of interesting items for further training, such as organising, EU legislation, advocacy/lobby, economic changes, leadership and communication.

The training was closed by Salvatore Marra, President of the ETUC Youth Committee.

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