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26 mars 2019

Pedagogical workshop on Active learning methodologies

group in Turin

As part of its pedagogical training offer, the ETUI organises every year a pedagogical workshop on active learning methodologies. This is a joint ETUI – ITC/ILO Training of trainers, where participants acquire state of the art practices in learning methodologies and technologies.

This year’s edition took place on March 12-14, in Turin, and there were 20 participants who came from 10 countries, all of them trainers in their national organisations.

Participants gained hands on experience of several learning methods, IT tools and materials, which will help them in the design and implementation of training events, both at the national and European levels. These 3 days were structured around the learning management cycle’s phases. For each stage of the cycle, participants had the opportunity to work in groups, develop different tools and generate ideas to be used in the future.

The way in which people learn and develop their skills is evolving at an incredible pace. Trainers and facilitators have to connect specific contents with the form of delivering them. We should think about training situations as “Learnscapes”, meaning that trainers have to find efficient ways of designing their training and learning. By observing learning trends, we can see that individuals no longer depend solely on training institutions to learn. Access to media and internet search engines have changed the way people look for information, therefore we have to use other tools which allow us to deliver sustainable learning. We need to focus on processes more than content alone. Our trainers are thus conscious of the importance of designing learner-centered activities in an effective way.

More editions will follow in order to respond to the needs of our colleagues working on training and development within their organisations.

By Gabriela Portela, ETUI education officer

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